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channey ki dal ka halwa(split chickpeas dense sweet confection)

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Ingredients :

boiled( split chickpeas)channa daal 3 cup.mash them in a chopper
milk powder 3 cup,
sugar 2 cup .
ghee(purified butter or oil) 2cup,
Whole green cardamom 6 to 7
Raisins & pistachios chopped.


-Heat 1 cup purified butter or oil in a pan.
-Add cardamoms and daal(split chickpeas) ,and fry it on low heat till it leaves the sides of the pan and become a bit golden brown.
-Now add sugar and keep mixing till its dissolved.
Add raisins.
-Then add little amount of milk powder and mix, in this way add 3 cups .
-After mixing milk powder in the end add the remaining ghee .Cook it for 10 to 15 minutes more.
-Spread this halwa(dense sweet confection) in a flat plate and garnish with pistachios.
-Serve Hot.

>>Preparation time:30-45 Minutes